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Mainstream and behavioural economics are two sides of the same coin

A young man holding a distorting mirror, showing his nose much longer than it is in reality
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Our morality is not quite so black-and-white as we sometimes like to believe

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Sometimes what we do seems to be unduly influenced by what appears to be utterly futile. Is that as unwise as it seems?

A very overconfident looking chap, in various relative sizes
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Both doubt and confidence have benefits, but is there anything worthwhile in overconfidence?

Cars queueing at a petrol station
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How to turn an unfair price rise into a fair one

Old-fashioned set of scales with carrots on one side
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We respond to incentives, that is true — but not always in the way that might be expected

An image of a football match with supporters on the stands in the background
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Is it irrational to favour people with whom you have something important in common?

A buyer and a seller of fruit on a market
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Markets enable prices to reach a level that satisfies both sellers and buyers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they see that price in the same way

A panoramic view of a hotel pool, with sun loungers in the background
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We often assume we are entitled to something, but that is literally only half of the story

Odometer of a car
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When a renowned behavioural scientist gets embroiled in a case of fabricated data, there may be some lessons for us all

Koen Smets

Accidental behavioural economist in search of wisdom. Uses insights from (behavioural) economics in organization development. On Twitter as @koenfucius

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