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Mainstream and behavioural economics are two sides of the same coin

A person holding balance scales
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Aside from the damage the SARS-CoV-2 virus has done, it is time to consider the damage poor policy making is doing, and for policy makers to re-adopt solid decision-making practices

The front door of 10 Downing St. with a tennis ball in front of it
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Rules, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. But if it’s rules for thee but not for me, then trouble awaits

Stylized image of a virus
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The extreme conditions a pandemic puts us in shine a stark light on the fundamental challenges of decision making — both at a personal level, and in policy making

A driver (golf club) with a red golf ball (replicated 3 times)
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In the face of multiple, conflicting motives, how can we make the best decisions?

A pile of wrapped Christmas gifts
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Should we be simply be giving each other cash, or are presents better after all?

Mussolini and Hitler
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Social beings that we are, we regularly rely on favours from others, but bluntly asking is rather awkward. Are there better ways? Yes, there are!

Illustration from The Emperor’s New Clothes
(featured image: illustration from the Emperor’s New Clothes via Wikimedia)

How what we believe other people think leads to a peculiar kind of inaction

A handmade sign promising cash for diabetic strips

Should some transactions — even between two willing parties — be forbidden?

A seismogram
Featured image: Dave Schumaker/Flickr BY-CC-ND 2.0

How a change of plans and expectations can act as shock therapy to help us properly consider our choices… or not

Koen Smets

Accidental behavioural economist in search of wisdom. Uses insights from (behavioural) economics in organization development. On Twitter as @koenfucius

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