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A business case for doing ‘the right thing’?

We should do what is right without working out whether it’s profitable… or should we?

A few days ago, Rob Briner, a Professor of Organizational Psychology, tweeted, “Why oh why oh why do we keep having to make a ‘business case’ for doing the right thing?”

Can’t escape the trade-off

Is it really that simple, though? Sharing some of our wealth with those less fortunate than we are is the right thing to do. But what is the ‘right’ amount to donate? We can only spend a pound coin once: if we put it in a collection box, it is no longer available to buy a flapjack or a bag of crisps with it. Few people give up snacks altogether to give away all the money they’d otherwise spend on them. So, undeniably, we make a choice.

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