Thanks for the comment, Johan.

We deliberately avoided being specific about what ‘purpose’ really entails. Making the world a better place may mean solving someone else’s problem, but that can be done in many different ways, and does not necessarily imply monetization.

perhaps the extrinsic value creation of “solving someone else’s problem” is related to the intrinsic value creation (“~own feelgood”) via the notion of “purpose”?

I think that is precisely it. And to me, this links closely to two other concepts:

  • Adam Smith’s invisible hand: it is our self-interest that has beneficial side-effects
  • Altruism: the idea that we do something for someone else against our own interest is inherently flawed (you may be interested in a slightly provocative earlier post of mine on the subject)

Accidental behavioural economist in search of wisdom. Uses insights from (behavioural) economics in organization development. On Twitter as @koenfucius

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